• Shreeta Das
    • Shreeta Das
    • 1 Feb 19
    You really really really really want to…….. Know about the newest social media meme?

    Have you observed the word “really” being used in a bunch of tweets, that you’re patient enough to scroll down to see the final line? Welcome to the newest trend that is sweeping through the social media. The really really really really….format has been on the top list for all the brands to take it […]

  • Video Monetization on facebook Sonali Lenka
    • Sonali Lenka
    • 20 Dec 18
    How to earn money from your videos on Facebook.

    Facebook’s video monetization through Audience Network test of in-stream video ads earlier this year was a great success. Through our previous blog we had said that Facebook rolls out video monetization in India. This is a welcome move for all video content creators and publishers to use Facebook as a revenue-generating platform apart from just […]

  • mens world cup Khusboo Kr Singh
    • Khusboo Kr Singh
    • 15 Dec 18
    Twitterati put the Limelight on Brand Odisha

    Neil- where are you from? Meera- Odisha Neil – Where is it? In WestBengal? Sounds familiar? Well everyone who hails from Odisha might have faced this situation once in their life, but not anymore! Thanks to the Government of Odisha for making Odisha the host of 14th edition of the Men’s Hockey World Cup. It […]

  • video monetization Sonali Lenka
    • Sonali Lenka
    • 12 Dec 18
    Facebook rolls out video monetization in India. Know more…

    In a bid to outdo YouTube and other video sharing platforms, Facebook had adapted its platform to enable video sharing in 2007. Since then videos have become one of the best ways to drive engagement growth. Besides the fact that people upload community based content by sharing their experiences, we see many professional content creators, […]

  • Grab Attention On April Fool’s Day Shreeta Das
    • Shreeta Das
    • 6 Apr 18
    How Top-Notch companies used social media to grab attention on April Fool’s Day

    Even Sunday did not stop big-shot companies from welcoming April Fool’s Day. Every year on 1st April  we get up in arms about something crazy the companies do but hold on! All these OMG-IT-WAS-SO-CLEVER kinda feeling were nothing but pranks. Brands from all around the world participated in this prankster’s holiday with fake campaigns, fake […]