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Why Digital Media should be an integral part of your Marketing Mix.

If you’ve decided to click on this blog to read then I’m 100 percent sure you’ve probably heard or been told about the increasing presence of digital marketing and how it can affect a brand or a company’s growth.

Digital Marketing has percolated through almost all the business sectors prevalent in India, thanks to its power that breaks down geophysical barriers. The growth trends in digital marketing is bending all mathematical formulas in arithmetic progression while making a substantial impact in marketing and advertising.

Finding it hard to believe? First answer this simple question. Can you name a single day you didn’t Google anything?

Secondly, India surpassed US to become the fastest growing mobile market last year (Hail Jiofication! Hail 4G!). Cheap availability of smartphones and super competitive data plans has given the masses access to Internet. Forget about access, people now choose to stay online 24X7. This means today there are more eyes to view the content that you put online, way more than what your physical geographical barrier can hold. This means every industry out there is now turning its focus to digital marketing and I’m not the one saying this, the below graph showing growth in digital ad spend by companies in India since the past few years sure don’t say otherwise.

According to Dentsu Aegis Network Digital Report 2019, Digital Advertising is set to grow at 31.96% CAGR with the market estimate to expand to Rs. 24,920 crore from Rs. 10,819 crore in 2018. Currently contributing 17% to total ad spends, Digital media is expected to grow to 29% by 2021

This makes things evident that digital media is set to grow at 32 percent that is almost 3 times the rate of other media in the advertising market.

Yes, the numbers are mind-boggling but let me drive your attention towards our so-called small digital market i.e., Odisha.

Did you know Odisha had almost 56 lakhs Facebook users back in 2017? Not so small, is it? Fast-forward 2 years, and the Facebook user-base has grown 26% percent with recent data showing more than 71 lakh users. This is just Facebook data. Imagine the kind of audience other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc., has. Even TikTok has taken everyone by a storm not just the recent news media.

Now you know where your customers spend most of their time. Question is, are you present where your customers are?

Newspapers, TV, Billboards etc., you’ve been adding so much to the marketing mix just to reach your target audience but now you have an option to be at their side or rather at the tip of their finger, anytime anywhere. Yes, what you’ve been told or definitely heard from someone is true. It is time to go online. Make your brand presence felt with effective Digital Media Strategies. Wanna know how? Stay tuned.

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