Facebook Video Monetisation

Not just through YouTube, Indian publishers and video creators can now generate revenue through Facebook monetization.

In a bid to outdo YouTube and other video sharing platforms, Facebook had adapted its platform to enable video sharing in 2007. Since then videos have become one of the best ways to drive engagement growth. Besides the fact that people upload community-based content by sharing their experiences, we see many professional content creators use Facebook as well apart from other video sharing and telecasting platforms. Facebook drives not only viewership but also engagement which when compared to other platforms is extremely high.  This is because Facebook makes sure it keeps its users on the platform unlike YouTube, where users can search for a video, watch it and then close it.

Banking on this data, Facebook had announced an Audience Network test of in-stream video ads in May, earlier this year. Analyzing the success rate of this model, Facebook officially launched the video monetization tool during India’s maiden ‘Creator Day’ Facebook event hosted in Mumbai. 

Just like YouTube monetization during video plays, Facebook has incorporated the same concept that plays short ads before or during the videos. This is a welcome move that will assist video creators to earn money but there are certain eligibility tests that the publishers need to qualify before they can get their videos eligible for monetization.

So, if you are a video content creator and looking how to earn money from your videos on Facebook, you just got an opportunity to expand your source of income.

This is not just an opportunity for content creators but also for brands that are looking to advertise to the right audience. This is the social media platform to effectively do brand promotions. Advertising through video ads is more viable than image based content, since audience gets hooked to videos for longer amount of time. It provides a better scope for advertisers to get their message across through short ads since the viewer can’t skip it. To enable a better reach out of brands to creators and collaborate with them, Facebook has launched a tool called Brands Collab Manager, which will be available in India in 2019.

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