How to earn money from your videos on Facebook.

The Facebook’s video monetization through Audience Network test of in-stream video ads earlier this year was a great success. Through our previous blog we had said that Facebook rolled out video monetization in India. This is a welcome move for all video content creators and publishers to use Facebook as a revenue-generating platform apart from just Youtube. But in order to be eligible, there are certain criteria that publishers need to qualify which we found out while checking the video monetization tool for one of our clients.

1. The first checkpoint is the number of followers your page has. Your page has to have a minimum of 10,000 followers.

2. The second checkpoint is not just based upon the length of the video but its quality as well. The videos that you upload needs to be atleast 3 minutes long where Facebook will count a minimum of 30,000 1-minute views and the period to achieve this target on the video is 60 days. This means short videos under 3 minutes do not qualify at all (guess we need to change the length of our videos). In order to ensure a 1 minute view, the video content has to be that engaging wherein quality content comes into play.

3. Once you meet the above two criteria, you have to setup your payout account to start earning from your Facebook videos.

So, if you are a video creator with a great follower base, you can now earn money through Facebook once you meet the eligibility standards. If you are a Youtuber, you can set up your Facebook page to expand your revenue generating sources.

If you want more details on how to increase your Facebook page followers to aid maximum video views and make use of the Facebook video monetization tool, we, at Digituall, are just one click away.

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