How Top-Notch companies used social media to grab attention on April Fool’s Day

Even Sunday did not stop big-shot companies from welcoming April Fool’s Day.

OLA’s team buckled up their innovative muscles to announcethat the company is coming up with ONN news in which people along with cabs, will also be updated with the latest news at their doorsteps. It was just a prank and people were drooling over this.

The effective social media marketing strategy  of OLA was to prioritize the social performance of the company and also to give a tough competition to it’s rivals who were no longer lagging behind in creating quick-witted jokes.

MNCs took advantage of social media to promote it’s products and services.And the humour too! It has became a necessity for businesses to construct an online presence. The power of social media marketing is incredible and it can boost the growth if done in a right way. Just the way the pranks were boosted.

YouTube videos are more easy to imbibe and the people get the idea of it directly with the combination of the content seen and heard equally. With this aspect Reliance has taken YouTube marketing to a newer level. JioJuice by Reliance has garnered 58k views on YouTube and 396k views on Facebook that proved video has a greater impact on netizens. Reliance pushed sim card sales via humor through JioJuice. Phone thirsty? Go for JioJuice that provides you energy as long as the 4G signals go on.

Who thought that social media would be a prime reason for the businesses to uplift their growth in a customisedbudget ? Social media is one of the only forms of media that can expose you to a larger reach of people in a minimal budget. This was never possible in traditional media.

The way Uber has established it’s new product ‘Anti-ageing creams” by Uber Eats was mind blowing. 226k views was something beyond imagination in just two days. The social media reach was immense and the prank was a going trend- the number says it all.

Burger King introduced its new chocolate “whopper” and made the April Fool’s Day a chocolatey affair. This had 3.1m views and 39k shares which definitely made it an April Fool’s whooper. The strategy was to engage people in the craze that had a light-hearted moment among all.

All the nutty pranks were taken up in a funnier way through their comments. The conversations among people that helped the companies built a cheerful environment.  Humour is a powerful marketing tool and the marketing of these imaginary products went wild. Social media and digital marketing have leveraged one’s business by creating brand awareness and driving the sales forward.

The pranks were well played that not only tricked us but also made us smile.

Have a laugh at yourself.

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