How to boost your brand visibility during lockdown, the Digital way

The social distancing norm as demanded by the coronavirus outbreak has had a debilitating effect on businesses/brands that are now reeling under the draconian restrictions imposed by the Government to flatten the curve.

The pandemic has quickly caught up with the business world.Travel, hospitality, retail, automobiles and many more industries have been hit hard by the lock down.

However amid all this gloom, there is a silver lining. With the entire country forced to stay indoors and people spending more time browsing their smartphones, now is the time for brands to reach out to their customers digitally. More eyeballs you grab online now will help your brand control people’s choices after the lockdown is withdrawn. With your competitors back to square one, this is the best time to focus on marketing your brand digitally and drive that preference shift among your target audience.

Here is a list of digital platforms that can help you set major brand recall goals in the minds of your target audience.


As the Lockdown intensifies, the young are increasingly turning towards mobile games to kill time. Online gaming platforms are witnessing a greater traction with a spike in user engagement. These gaming platforms can be one of the best places to advertise your brand right now!

Founder of GamerjiSoham Thaker says, “Online gaming is seeing a boom right now, both nationally and globally. We have seen huge traffic from daily active users in the e-sports segment. We used to have 12,000-15,000 play on an average on our platform every day.Today, the numbers range between 40,000 and 55,000.”

Similarly, founder of Noida-based real-money gaming platform Rein Games Vaibhav Gupta says, “Interestingly, while our user peak was between 8 pm and midnight, now we see a relatively flatter (and higher) engagement throughout the day. Players are not waiting until 8 pm to get on their phones.” On an average, players are spending 70-80 percent more time on the platform. Power users typically spend up to five to six hours on normal days. But now, they are spending two to three times more than earlier, he adds.

These insights prove the changing trend in digital marketing and how wise it is to advertise your product with a right message at the right place.

2- Facebook Groups

In these times of crisis, people are looking for help and information on various subjects. As we have lost social interaction, Facebook has been pushing group usage for some time. Over a billion of Facebook users are active members of groups, and the networking site has been looking to build on this with new tools and features. For people, who are desperate to get socially connected to overcome their loneliness, online communities have come as a saving grace by becoming more active.

You will be surprised to know that Italy – with some of the toughest restrictions – has witnessed the biggest rise, with Facebook Groups rocketing by more than 1,000% in the last month.

The social media giant said total messaging traffic on all its platforms has increased by 50% on an average across the countries worst-hit by the virus.

3- Videos

Stuck at home, people have started to engage more online with news and video content.The demand for some categories like DIY or consumer tech products has increased significantly. To take advantage of the situation, brands must resort to considerate, non-pushy promotional activity with short videos on various platforms.

On YouTube, standup comedy videos about the lockdown and news items are among the trends garnering millions of views.

TikTok, the most trending platform currently, has everyday hashtag challenges and Instagram influencers are exploring TikTok by doing cross-promotions.

We saw #DalgonaCoffee was trending everywhere recently. Since it was a challenge, people turned to numerous cooking channels for inspiration to upload the aesthetically looking Dalgona coffee on their social media handles.

So, why not market your brand on the above-mentioned platforms where there is unlimited traffic? THINK.

4- OTT Platforms

OTT Platform ( Over The Top media service is a streaming media device service directly via INTERNET i.e. Amazon Music, Apple TV+, Disney+, Google Play Movies & TV, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube Premium and many more) are more pandemic-proof than other forms of media since they don’t require in-person interaction. And online content will offer information between people who can no longer meet.

The cancellations of so many sporting events and concerts have driven more people to thin their cable subscriptions substantially.Your brand’s ad will work wonders in this situation.

According to Global Web Index, music streaming apps like Gaana, Jio Saavn, Wynk and Spotify have seen a 7x increase in the usage, thanks to the lockdown. 

It’s not the time to stop the marketing efforts but to be even more strategic in implementing them. If you want to invest in marketing but are unsure about the strategies to adopt, fret not as we’re here to allay all your apprehensions. So, let’s get started.

PS- We pray that these difficult times pass by soon without causing any more misery to the mankind. For the time being, please be safe and stay indoors. Wash your hands regularly.


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